Pet Euthanasia & Cremation

We love our pets and consider them beloved family members. We spend years loving and caring for them, and the unconditional love they give back to us is immeasurable. So when the time comes to say goodbye, this is one of the hardest moments of our lives.

Your decision concerning euthanasia is a personal one, but it need not be a solitary one. Our veterinarians and staff can assist and support you. Our veterinarians understand the bond you have with your pet and can examine and evaluate your pet’s condition, provide realistic prognosis, and discuss potential long-term problems with you.

Once you decide upon euthanasia, you have several options for handling your pet’s remains. We partner with Pet Memorial Services for all of our cremation services. We can offer your pet private cremation where you receive their ashes in a hand carved hardwood urn with a custom engraved brass nameplate. You can also elect to have a clay paw print to create a lasting memory for your pet. Communal cremation is also available to your pet and lastly, you have the option of taking your pet’s remains to bury at your home.