Rolling Hills Bravecto Flea & Tick Contest Winner
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Rolling Hills Bravecto Flea & Tick Contest Winner

Rolling Hills Bravecto Flea & Tick Contest Winner

For the months of July and August, anyone who purchased two doses of Bravecto Flea & Tick was entered to win an Amazon Echo. The lucky winner of our Amazon Echo is Megan Beder!  Congratulations!

Bravecto Flea & Tick

Bravecto is helping veterinarians nationwide make a difference in dog and cat owners' lives. That's because only Bravecto takes care of killing fleas and ticks for 12 weeks* with one convenient chew or topical dose.

Pet Wellness Is As Important To Us As It Is To You

Annual Wellness Exam includes a thorough history including information about a pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, behavior, and diet; a comprehensive physical exam; and measuring some basic parameter like weight, temperature, and pulse and respiration rates.  We will also discuss year round coverage for heartworm preventative as well as flea/tick preventative.

September 15, 2017
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