Look What’s New!!!!
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Look What’s New!!!!

Look What’s New!!!!

We are now carrying an oral flea/tick preventative….BRAVECTO! One tasty chew kills fleas and ticks—and prevents flea infestations—for up to 12 weeks.1* That’s almost a full season—nearly 3 times longer protection than a monthly treatment. Bravecto covers up to 4 different types of ticks: Lone Star tick, American Dog Tick, Brown Dog Tick and the Black Legged Deer Tick.

Our mission at Rolling Hills is to provide quality care to our patients, communicate effectively and respectfully to our clients and to make your experience with us one that exceeds your expectations. We have been caring for pets in the Carroll County region for the last nine years. We recognize that your pet is an essential member of your family and since we’re a family-owned clinic, it’s only natural we treat our patients the same way. ...like family.

We realize that you have many choices in veterinary care for your pets. We are privileged that you chose us!

August 01, 2016
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